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If you are a freelance Accountant, Architect/Draftsman, Autocad Operator, Bookkeeper, Calligrapher, Cartoonist, Consultant, Editor/Writer, Encoder/Typist, Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Instructor, Interior Designer, Marketing Specialist, Musician, Photographer, Programmer, Public Relations Officer, Researcher, Salesperson, Translator, Videographer, Visual Artist, Merchandiser, Web Designer, or Web Programmer looking for additional projects or wanting to get rid of back-office hassles, FilipinoFreelancers can help you.

FilipinoFreelancers provides a clearinghouse for highly skilled talent. With the talent here, we bring the corporate jobs in by reaching directly into the executive suite.

List your profile or biography with us for quick and easy reference by employers and Web users. Browse through our project posting and find the projects that best fit your skills.

FilipinoFreelancers offers you…

Career Path
FilipinoFreelancers will help you become a successful freelancer. We will find the most interesting projects and job positions, keeping your personal requirements in mind. We will also help you make the right decisions.

Career Freedom
Freelancing means more income, freedom, and appreciation, and optimum knowledge-accumulation. We guarantee career continuity because FilipinoFreelancers will monitor the market for you.

Career Journey
Whether you're an amateur or an expert at freelancing, FilipinoFreelancers offers you assistance and handholding as you meet the challenges of self-employment.

Service and Advice
• our marketing team will constantly monitor the market for you
• we will keep you up-to-date, daily if necessary, of all projects relevant to your skills and preferences
• we will help you become a successful independent freelancer

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